Mass Effect 2 Review


Mass Effect 2

Most of us should feel honored to have such a fantastic video game this early in the year. Mass Effect 2 review is simply that – a gem of a video game, with more firepower, features, and fun than the prequel. The gameplay is nothing but amazing, and if you love RPG’s, Mass Effect should be right at the top of your list. The original Mass Effect was merely one of our favorite video games of the past decade.

It seamlessly combined fun, action, adventure, combat, emotional characters, and planetary exploration on a scale that was unprecedented. While the first Mass Effect did have a few quirks, especially on the Xbox360, most if not all of these issues were addressed in the release of Mass Effect 2 which has left us with an almost perfect Role-Playing Game.


Many of us have probably seen the Mass Effect 2 advertisements popping up all over our TV, our internet browsers, and our e-mails as BioWare went pretty heavy on the advertising for the game. Mass Effect 2 has also been a trendy topic of discussion on forums and boards across the internet, clearly portraying it’s following by hundreds of thousands of fellow gamers. In a world filled with dozens of races, planets, political alliances and rivalries, it will most definitely be hard to put down the controller at times. The world of Mass Effect sucks you in, and there is no other video game like it.

An interesting feature, Mass Effect 2 lets you continue your save from the original Mass Effect, granted that your game saves are on the same hard-drive (Xbox 360 or PC). Choices and decisions that players made during the initial run of Mass Effect will have clear implications for the world in Mass Effect 2. When transferring your game, you are given the ability to choose which save you want to use, and the consequences of using it.

For those who are new to the world of Mass Effect, you can of course just start a new game and customize your character accordingly. The beginning gameplay will bring you up to speed, and let you know what you missed in the prequel. Mass Effect 2 is so customizable, you can choose everything from your characters facial features, to their combat style. An event early in the game will help explain all of this in some logical context so that you will not feel confused or let down.