Viral Buttons That Increase Your Sharing and Viral Growth

Add viral growth to your existing website with viral buttons from UP

If you have a website, blog, app, or anything in between, chances are you’re always looking for ways to drive traffic to your site without shelling out big bucks. We’ll do you one better. At UP, we create simple, powerful tools to help increase sharing, traffic and viral growth. The best part? It’s free. That’s right, free buttons! Our sleek, customizable, cloud-based social buttons and tools are best-in-class, and you can get set up in only 32 seconds with zero complex button code required. Yes, just 32 seconds to get your sharing buttons set up on your site - we timed it. If you’re using a major CMS, you don’t even need to mess around with your HTML social code.

Whether you want Twitter button, Google buttons, a Facebook button (and that’s without any Facebook HTML, mind you), you can create any and all of these with our seamless, easy to use social media button generator. That said, the core of making a site more viral lies not in the social media buttons you add, but in the value you’re providing your user, as well as the core architecture of your site. If you don’t know your users well enough to know what they truly want at their core, you won’t be able to provide enough value to get them to actually want to pass that value onto others. There are a ton of tools, including ours, that can make it easier and more likely your users will share your content via our viral buttons. However, it’s a lot less likely that you will be as viral as you otherwise could be if your users actually get substantial value - be it intrinsic or extrinsic - from sharing your content through your (and that’s without any custom share buttons. Did I mention how quick and easy our Wordpress button are to set up?

If you want to leverage viral growth on your site, you don’t need a robust set of tools that are complicated and require full-time babysitting. You only need a few well-architected viral calls to action, such as the share buttons we provide at UP. From there, you want to actually create value for your users above and beyond what they’ve seen elsewhere. Choose a topic and create the end-all, be-all, best in the world content for it. Once your users can see the value you’re providing THEM, they’ll want to provide it to OTHERS. That’s where UP and our social buttons and website buttons become much more effective, and when you start to see traffic explode. We’re not just a button website. We’re a powerful set of viral tools to help increase your traffic for free. Try it for yourself!